About Quiz

'What's Your Saving?' is an opportunity for you to win an iPhone just by calculating your Home Loan savings if your loan is at 8.35% p.a.

(8.35% p.a. rate of interest is applicable for home loans upto 30 Lacs)

Just follow these simple three steps:

Let's see a simple example:

Your outstanding loan amount is: ₹30,00,000
Remaining tenure is: 15 years OR 180 months
Existing rate of interest is: 9%
Total Home loan Payment = EMI per month * remaining tenure (in months)
In this case, your Home Loan amount payable is 30,428*180 = ₹54,77,040

If the rate of interest is 8.35% p.a. following the same formula, your total Home Loan amount payable will be : ₹52,70,220

So your saving is: ₹54,77,040 - ₹52,70,220 = ₹2,06,820

Just enter the accurate saving amount and you can win an iPhone!

Please note: You will be eligible for the prize only on submission of your Home Loan statement. The information entered by you for the quiz (outstanding loan amount, remaining tenure and rate of interest) has to match your Home Loan statement. We will be allowing a deviation of 25%.

Hurry, and calculate 'What's Your Saving?'

ICICI Bank Home Loan rate is indicative and it may vary from case to case basis.